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Become Customer Centric
No-code AI
A New Breed Of AI

Acquire, Engage and Retain

Target the right customers and decrease your the Customer Acquisition Cost using AI to uncover the segments most likely to become your future customers. Keep your customers engagement level high, at all touchpoints: sales, digital channels andcustomer support.

Understand your Customer Journey

Use Machine Learning to predict your customer journey, and provide a better service and customer experience. Detect customer trends as they arise

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Recent News

10 Janeiro 2022

Vodafone PowerLabs Acceleration

Starkdata was selected by Vodafone Power Labs to be part of its incubation and acceleration program, and the two companies...
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02 Novembro 2021

IBM selects Starkdata as AI partner

IBM has selected Starkdata as partner in AI, and has agreed to incorporate its own AI technology into Starkdata's existing...
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29 Outubro 2021

HPC partnership with Univ. Évora

Starkdata and the High Performance Computing Chair of Universidade de Évora, signed a protocol that will allow for the...
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