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Customer Centric AI

Starkdata is focused in helping companies become Customer Centric by bringing the benefits of AI in acquiring, engaging and retaining  customers. Covering the entire customer lifecycle, Starkdata provides predictive analytics to Sales, Marketing, Product Managers and Customer Service that allows companies to increase their Customer Lifetime Value by enhancing customer engagement and reducing customer churn.

Customer Focused

Placing customers at the center of everything a business does, is a competitive advantage.

A customer-centric  business is focused on providing a positive customer experience before and after the sale in order to enhance customer engagement and improve business growth.

Cloud Platform

Startkdata provides a Software as a Service solution in the cloud with easy integration with existing IT ecosystems.

With solutions for Retail, Healthcare, HoReCa and Financial Services, Starkdata leverages on its predictive platform to address the needs of different industries.

Business meets AI

We believe that Machine Learning and AI, will lead the next revolution in customer service, anticipating customer needs and understanding customer behavior.

When companies understand their customers, they increase sales, provide better service and have better pricing strategies.