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Careers At Starkdata

If you are a driven individual with a passion to create great software, and you are a true team player who appreciates being challenged and is not shy in bringing your own ideas to the table, we have a place for you at Starkdata. Reach us out at  jobs@starkdata.ai.

We are currently looking for:

Full Stack Developer

We are looking for a full stack developer to join our development team, and work with us in building next generation business software on the cloud.  

Big Data Specialist

If you have experience in data architectures, working with large datasets and have it all sorted out as far as databases are concerned, we are looking for you.

Machine Learning Engineer

Join our team of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence engineers and tackle some of the most demanding challenges on the market. From prediction systems, to behavioral segmentation models you will be driven to explore the cutting edge of AI algorithms.